By Margie Lew

” Our historical flags come in many colors – –
People of all colors built our country – –
Some were yellow.” – George Yee

With bold banners proclaiming these words, the vanguard – – 130 strong! – – of the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California led the Chinese New Year’s Golden Dragon parade in Los Angeles Chinatown on Friday, Feb. 18, 1977. Proudly carrying large American flags, loaned through the kind permission of the Monterey Park Lions Club, were Society members and their families. Historical flags used during the 200-year period of America’s existence were happily displayed by 60 students from Chinatown’s Castelar Elementary School (flags loaned through the courtesy of Von’s Markets). The entire group, with John Yee as parade chairman, presented an impressive sight, and received a good share of applause along the parade route.

In addition to participation in the parade, the Society sponsored the Lang Station Centennial exhibit, displayed in the window of the F. See On Co., in the Chinatown West Plaza (Lang Station, 15 miles NE of Newhall, was the point where the northern and southern portions of the Southern Pacific Railroad were joined on Sept. 5, 1876). The exhibit was artistically arranged by Chuck Yee and Jim Cummings.