About Gum Saan Journal

Established in 1977, Gum Saan Journal is the semi-academic publication of the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California (CHSSC).

Editorial Board:

Susan Dickson is in leadership with the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California and the Chinese American Citizens Alliance, and a retired teacher from Castelar Elementary in LA’s Chinatown.

Dr. William Gow is Cal State Sacramento’s Ethnic Studies Department faculty and a film documentarian and author of articles on Chinese American themes.

Russell Charles Leong is long-time editor UCLA’s Amerasia Journal and founding editor of CUNY Forum: Asian American/Asian Studies. He is author of Phoenix Eyes.

Susie Ling, Editor-in-Chief since 2004, was born in Taiwan, raised in the Philippines, and Associate Professor of History and Asian American Studies at Pasadena City College.

Dr. Don Loo, a native of Vancouver, is a retired physiologist researcher from UCLA, and a long-time member of the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California.

Icy Smith is an award-winning author (The Lonely Queue) and the founder of East West Discovery Press, which specializes in publishing and distributing multicultural and bilingual books in more than 50 different languages.

Arthur Yin is multilingual, and a film and Judge Dee aficionado. Arthur was born in Chengdu and holds an MA in Sociology from the University of Hawaii.

Gum Saan Journal is honored to have intermittent guest editors, and to acknowledge the work of former editors including Dr. Benjamin Chang, Paul Chase, Dr. Norine Dresser, Gilbert Hom, Kiphan Kam, Dr. Munson Kwok, Margie Lew, Ella Leong, Louise Leong, Emma Woo Louie, Dr. Ruby Ling Louie, Dr. Thomas McDannold, Eugene Moy, Micki Nakagiri, Ella Y. Quan, Dr. Pauline Wong, Ellen D. Wu, Chuck Yee, Joseph Yee, and Mary Yee.

Submissions to Gum Saan Journal

We welcome original manuscripts approximately 3000 words in length, using Chicago style of endnotes when necessary. Manuscripts accepted for publication must have permission to reproduce any copyrighted materials. Please send inquiries to info@chssc.org.

Chinese Historical Society of Southern California 南加州華人歷史學會: Established in November of 1975 by Paul Louie, William Mason, and Paul De Falla, CHSSC is one of the larger historical societies in Southern California. Its mission is:

  • To bring together people with a mutual interest in the important history and historical role of Chinese and Chinese Americans in Southern California;
  • To pursue, preserve and communicate knowledge of this history; and
  • To promote the heritage of the Chinese and Chinese American community in support of a better appreciation of our rich, multi-cultural society.

For more information about this organization, its monthly meetings, its resources and archives, its current newsletters, or its “Bookstore,” see http://chssc.org

Chinese Historical Society of Southern California
415 Bernard Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012