This has been a most eventful year for all of us in the Society. It is gratifying to see so many members stepping forward and getting involved in our programs. Being the president. I am often asked why I spend so much time and effort with the Society. Perhaps it is best answered by an editorial which appeared in a recent issue of San Francisco’s East/West newspaper commenting on the Society’s trip through the Mother Lode country and the tribute paid at the gravesites of the early pioneers:

An Act of Remembrance

The Chinese Historical Society of Southern California visited the Mother Lode country recently. We are touched by the act of remembrance of the visiting and offerings at the tombs of the pioneers.

In a community where there is a tremendous gap between the generations. where newcomers and old-timers are knocking one another, where feuds and infighting are common occurrences, this act of thanksgiving and remembrance reminds us of our common roots, and hopefully. brings us together.

When I read statements like this. I feel that there is nothing more to be added. It makes me proud to be a member of the Society and proud to have served as your president during 1977. In the coming year as the Society moves forward under the leadership of our new president. Gerald Shue, let us all give him our fullest support and make 1978 another eventful year.

George Yee